About BaSIC

The Basic Science International Conference (BaSIC) is an annual scientific meeting organized by Faculty of Science, Brawijaya University, Indonesia. This meeting aimed to promote mutual exchange between scientists and also experts, to discuss innovative ideas in scientific research, and to tackle contemporary problems through the application of knowledge that rise from science. The scope of this conference is fundamental and applied research in chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics. The origin of this conference was initiated in year 2000, by the Faculty of Science of Brawijaya University, under the name of Seminar Nasional Kemipaan (National Science Conference). Since then, the conference has been organized regularly on annual basis. In 2004, the conference changed its name to Basic Science Seminar (BSS) and started to invite international speakers and participants. The conference then expands its scope to international in 2011 and formally adopting the current name. The last Annual Basic Science International Conference was organized successfully on March 7-8th, 2017 at Ijen Suites Hotel Resort and Convention, Malang with participants from many countries including Australia, Switzerland, Japan, and Germany.
Currently, the 8th Annual Basic Science International Conference 2018 (8th BaSIC 2018) will be held on March 6-7th, 2018 at Ijen Suites Hotel Resort and Convention, Malang. The recent theme of the 8th BaSIC is “Convergence of Basic Science, toward World’s Sustainability Challenges” which covers broad range of basic science research. This particular theme is intended to promote convergence science as a transformative trend to address the global challenges, such as ensuring energy, health, water resources and food security in a sustainable world. This international forum also provides a platform where national and international academia or researchers, policy makers, and other stakeholders to translate technology, exchange ideas, and help stimulate multidisciplinary international collaborations in a convergent-manner for shaping a worldwide sustainable development. It is worth noting that, the upcoming 8th BaSIC event genuinely highlights the important of convergence of basic science research to address world’s sustainability challenges.

  1. To gain insights on current trends in basic science research and education, such as the contribution of interdisciplinary approaches to solve
  2. To enhance multidisciplinary collaborations among scientists and relevant stakeholders in a convergent-manner for shaping a worldwide sustainable development


This conference can be participated by university students and lecturers, professionals from government research institutions, private sectors, and non-government organization. Policy or decision makers in science-based sectors will also benefit from attending this conference