Not so Frequently Asked Question


Q: What is the duration for an oral presentation?

A: 13 minutes, including the discussion session

Q: I want to talk a lot, why do you allocate only thirteen minutes for each oral presenter?

A: There are two types of presentation in this conference: oral and poster, both serve different purposes. Oral presentation is a session where the speakers deliver their main idea and the most innovative part of their work. It is NOT a session where speaker talks about technical and tiny detail of their work with tons of slides. To deliver an idea within the constrained time is certainly a work of art, and we would suggest you to prepare no more than thirteen slides. If a presenter want to talk more about technical stuff, rather than the innovation, we would suggest you to choose poster presentation. For the same reason, in many scientific conferences, oral presentation is invitation-based only.

Q: I'm going to do oral presentation. Do I have to send my presentation file to the committee in advance?

A: We would appreciate that, although in principle participant may use their own computer for presentation. Please check the connection during the coffee break or any open time to make sure that your computer can work with the meeting room projector. Also, it is better to have a backup in USB flash drive.

Q: I prefer to send my presentation file to the committee in advance. Can you accept it?

A: Sure. Basically, we will provide one Windows-based computer in each meeting room, with MS Power Point installed. We, however, cannot guarantee the consistency of the slide layout due to different version or configuration. You can also pass your presentation file directly at the conference site.

Q: In what language should I speak during my presentation?

A: English, of course.


Q: What is the size of poster board?

A: The size is approximately 0.8 m (w) x 1 m (h). It can accommodate up to A0 size, DIN A0 - maximum 84.1 cm (width) x 118.9 cm (height)

Q: What is the size of poster that I need to prepare?

A: The committee has no specific request for the dimension of the poster. The biggest size that can be contained by our poster board is A0. Some presenters love to maximize the size of their poster. Some are having difficulty to find an A0 size printer. Some presenters, for the sake of convenience, prefer to print their poster in several A4 sheets, and then stitch them together in the poster board. Really, it is the freedom of the poster presenter to decide. However, we expect that presenter do realize that poster is a tool for explaining the research work, so that the design and the size should be prepared with such goal in mind.

Q: Can I bring an x-banner poster along with the stand frame?

A: No. We have prepared a proper poster-board for you to use, so please prepare your poster properly too.

Q: What do you mean by "dedicated time" for poster session?

A: Well, it is to emphasize that we're serious in handling poster session. By dedicated time, we mean that there is no activity other than poster presentation during that time, and all participants are expected to come to the poster area.

Q: And what is Dean poster award?

A: Poster award is a form of scientific award given to poster presenters who displayed outstanding performance. In this conference, it is officially given by the Dean of Faculty of Science of Brawijaya University. We are planning to bestow the award to the best four of poster presenters. Please refer to the poster award page for the criteria and scoring detail.

Q: Can I submit more than one abstract to be presented in poster session?

A: You're welcomed.


Q: My abstract was accepted to be presented at the conference, and the research work was done by a team of ten people, so there are ten authors in the abstract. Will you issue certificates to each name written in the abstract?

A: The committee will issue two types of certificate: attendant and presenter, based on the real fact. If all members in your team attend the conference to present a title, we will issue ten certificate for ten people: one as presenter and nine as regular attendants. We do not issue a certificate of author.

Q: Why can't you give presenter-certificate to all authors? It is just a piece of paper that won't do any harm to you.

A: Scientist may be wrong, but shall not lie.

Q: My abstract was accepted to be presented at the conference, I'm the first author in the abstract, but I cannot come, so I delegate the second author to do the presentation. Who will receive the certificate as presenter?

A: The one who actually do the presentation: the second author. That is the fact.

Q: My abstract was accepted to be presented at the conference, none of the authors can come, can I delegate other person to give presentation?

A: No, we will reject the request. One of the committee member told us that she attended a conference where one of the oral presenter told the audience, "I came as a substitute to read the slide, I don't know anything about the work, so please DO NOT ASK ME." We absolutely do not wish for such incident to be happen in this meeting.


Q: I don't want to submit any paper for the proceeding, is it okay?

A: Absolutely, yes.

Q: My abstract was accepted to be presented at the conference, but neither I nor my team can attend the conference, can I have my paper to be published in conference proceeding?

A: The proceeding is the written extension of the conference. If no one present the work at the conference, then the work is not considered as a part of the conference, and we cannot accept it to be published on the conference proceeding.

Q: I was invited by a journal editor to publish my paper in the journal, but since there is no guarantee for acceptance, can I submit my paper to journal and conference proceeding at the same time?

A: No. It is widely considered as unethical act. You should choose.

Q: Can you accept paper written in Indonesian language for the proceeding?

A: No. The official language of the proceeding is English.