Presenter & Poster Award

Best Poster and Oral Presentation Award

Programme Committee member will coordinate the review experts who will assess the quality of the poster and oral presentation. The winner was announced at the end of the Conference.

Best Poster Award

Posters displayed at the Conference were judged by a panel of peers, with the best poster selected based on the following criteria:
  1. compliance with size guidelines
  2. visual impact
  3. content (quality of the research in terms of theoretical and methodological aspects; originality of the work presented added value of the research in terms of “closing a gap” in knowledge)
  4. clarity of message (Did the author effectively communicate the significance of the results?)
  5. contact details.

Best Presentation Award

As part of the focus on supporting students as early career researchers, the Best Student Presentation prize will be introduced based on their content and presentation style.

People Choice Poster Prize

Delegates were asked to choose a poster to receive the People’s choice poster prize. The winning poster was announced at the end of the conference.