SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM The conference will host three main activities:

1. Plenary lectures
Plenary lectures will be given by distinguished scientists that stand as the frontier in their research field.

2. Invited lectures and contributed talk (oral presentation)
This session will be organized in parallel based on the fields of study.

3. Poster presentation
The conference values poster presentation with the same importance as oral presentation. Poster presentation provides better chance for discussion among scientists, and also facilitates young scientists to meet and discuss with the leading scientists. A dedicated time slot will be allocated for poster presentation. There will be no invited or contributed talk activities during that time slot, thus all participants are encouraged to come to poster session. Poster presenters are requested to stand next to their poster during the session. Poster award will be bestowed to several outstanding poster presenters. The criteria for the award is listed in poster instruction page.

4. Workshop

Grand ballroom where plenary lecture and poster presentation will be held