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Advancing to the Frontier of Innovation in Science

On behalf of the organizing committee, I extend my hands to invite you to the 5th Annual Basic Science International Conference (BaSIC) 2015

Being its fifth year, the upcoming conference is a milestone for the annual Basic Science international conference. Sitting quietly behind this milestone is a long history that records the evolution of this annual meeting. The conference was initiated on 2000 by the Faculty of Science of Brawijaya University under the humble name of National Conference of Science (Seminar Nasional Kemipaan). The conference then expand and change its name into Basic Science Seminar. Starting from 2006, the conference has continuously invited international participants. On the next stage, the conference then expand its scope to international on 2011. For almost fifteen years, the conference has facilitated the communication between scientists across disciplines in science.

Science is advancing rapidly and enables us to reveal and comprehend how this universe works. The scientists are naturally rewarded by the excitement to discover new things that bring them closer to the answer of their curiosity, while at the same time continuously providing contribution to human race in form of knowledge. The long contribution from the works of scientists around the world has brought us to a deeper knowledge, where the boundaries dispute between science disciplines become an obsolete issue. By promoting collaboration across disciplines, we will further extend the opportunity to discover an innovation, gain better understanding, and enhance the advancement of science body.

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